Now for the reasons that homeopathy has been the #1 choice for my family for over 12 years, and ought to be yours for your family as well:

1) Homeopathy acts on children, infants, the elderly, pets and livestock. It bears repeating.  Homeopathy works.

2) Homeopathy is approved by the FDA and unlike modern drugs, has never had a history of even one remedy having been forced off the market for adverse reactions. (By the way, one of the founders of the FDA (back in the 1940’s) was Dr. Royal Copeland, a homeopathic physician.)

3) Homeopathy is inexpensive. The cost is 180 per bottle 100 ML and if you purchase a kit, the cost can be as low as 20RS 1 DRAM each.

4) Homeopathy has a reputation for being preferred by the privileged and famous. These are the people who could afford to select any medicine in the world, yet depended on homeopathy. For example, the British Royal Family, The Beatles, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John D. Rockefeller, several Catholic Popes, Dizzy Gillespie, Daniel Webster, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, many American presidents including Bill Clinton, plus too many others to mention. Should you be interested, consider the captivating book, .

5) It is possible (even fun) to learn homeopathy at home to address many illnesses. Should this be of interest to you, I offer webinars and on-courses on DVD’s, this blog with free information and downloads on learning homeopathy at home.

6) Homeopathy has 200 years of double blind data to support its claims. Some of the research has been published in conventional medical journals, most in homeopathy medical journals. My staff and I have begun to collect this data on my site for those who are members. . .

7) Homeopathy has no side effects.

8) Homeopathy has a following throughout the world including Europe, India, South America and is only now gaining re-acceptance in the US. Many countries such as England, Germany, Switzerland and even Cuba have incorporated it into their public health systems.

9) Homeopathy works. It’s that simple. As long as the remedy is chosen correctly, it will often act within minutes or hours. For chronic problems, it can take weeks and months. This is a far cry from a lifetime of drugs of commerce.

10) Homeopathy treats the whole person. This allows corresponding and seemingly unrelated issues to fall away as well… A true medicine that touches us on every level.

11) Homeopathy can be life saving, yet it can also remove mild pain and deal with everyday ailments as well.

12) Credentialed homeopathic consultants are only a phone call away, so when you’re stuck, there is professional help available.

13) Homeopathic philosophy follows specific decrees and principles based on the Laws of Nature. These have been proven for over 200 years, meaning they are not just considered theory.

14) Homeopathy is easy to dispense. Kids love the taste and pets and livestock accept it readily, too.

15) Using Homeopathy gives us a sense of self-mastery and independence that we so crave in a world of disingenuous drugs and condescending medical staff.

DSC0033816) Do you see the bottles to the right?  They are homeopathic medicines that were manufactured around 100 years ago… and they are still as good today as the day they were made. Yes, they don’t go bad.  So for those that you don’t use up, simply pass them down to your great grandchildren

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